There was once...
a businessman

In 1971 Paul Knijn started his company Knijn Bowling BV. The businessman at heart, who has three brothers and two sisters, is part of a real entrepreneurial family.In addition to several car companies (Mercedes Benz, Saab, Chrysler), the Knijn family also ran the sports shoe company Inter. The bowling adventure started with the Fiat showroom and workshop, which were located on the ground floor of the beautiful building on Scheldeplein. Virtually nothing happened with the 2,000m2 on the first floor and during an inspiring conversation with Heineken at the end of 1969, Paul Knijn came up with the idea to start a bowling alley. Bowling, a real family sport and very popular at the time, was just a logical step for the family.

Now, more than 40 years later, Ilse Knijn, one of Paul Knijn’s daughters, is at the head of this family business, supported by her sister and co-owner Olga. Since the company has grown into much more than just a bowling alley, Me@t Paul restaurant and the bistro ensure class and diversity. Knijn is a household name in Amsterdam and is known as one of the nicest places to celebrate birthdays, company outings and active meetings. 

For the Knijn family, the future is dominated by creating many more fun and unforgettable moments for its guests, so that the name Knijn will also stand for one of the nicest outings in Amsterdam.

From cars on the bridge
to bowling on the lane